Making Diamond Palms Print


Diamond Palms Print is inspired by the crisp outline of palm trees mixed with 1960’s garden pavilions and colonial-style garden houses.

I used digital illustration for this pattern. Keep reading to see the step by step process & progress screenshots.

diamond palms print inspirationInspiration for designing jazmin jackson's diamond palms print

The print features two patterns under the main palm tree motifs – a white lattice design and a diamond geometric pink and white design. Both remind me of the intricate detailing and bamboo lattice structures that were a part of retro pool villas and garden pergolas.

I chose a sky-blue for the background, white and pink for the lattice & diamond designs, and shades of pale turquoise, blue and off-whites for the featured bunches of palm trees.


1. I drew the palm tree sprigs in Adobe Illustrator as part of another pattern shown below.

Flowery Palm tree illustrations for my palm tree print

This was the original pattern & motifs I was working on.

2. I wanted a background for the palms, and dug up a lattice pattern I’d been working on – this was before I knew the tricks of repeat-print making and had already made it too complex to untangle!

As you can see, this woven pattern is quite complicated and a non-repeating pattern. I had to change colours of the lines to make sense of how to connect it up on a big scale (aka I had a 20cm x 20cm original piece, that I had to grow into a 90cm x 60 cm piece, which looked like it was a repeating pattern. Fun times.

3. I added the palm trees over the lattice pattern, but it was still missing something so I sandwiched a diamond pattern in between, which echoed the triangle shapes of the palm tips.

Below is a screenshot of choosing the colours.

Choosing colours for diamond palms print by jaz jackson


4. I made a copy of the diamond pattern, offset it, and set to changing it’s colours. Pink was the last colour I chose thinking ew, this is definitely not going to work. You win pink. I think it adds a pop of subtle colour, and lessens the contrast of the palm stems. Done and done!

Let me know if you liked this pattern. I’m also interested in offering it as a wallpaper or furnishing print. I’d love to hear suggestions or comments :

You can check out how beautifully it works on my yoga leggings :

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